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February 15, 2010

Go Mobile! Series: Optimize for mobile with Google Analytics

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Go Mobile! Series: Optimize for mobile with Google Analytics

Understanding who visits your website is important when developing your AdWords campaigns. In this post, we’ll show you how you can use Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic and optimize your AdWords campaigns.
Who’s coming to your site?
More and more users are accessing regular websites through mobile phones with full internet browsers. These users may be looking for different information or want to take a specific action more quickly than those who visit from a desktop computer. Do you know how many are visiting your site from mobile devices?
You can easily find out with Google Analytics by looking at the Mobile Devices report in the Visitors reporting section. If most of your traffic is coming from the iPhone and Android operating systems, ensure your AdWords campaigns are reaching that same audience by checking that your AdWords campaign settings are enabled to show on iPhones and similar devices.
What are they looking for?
Google Analytics helps you see which search keywords drove the most traffic to your website from mobile devices. Simply select “Keyword” as the secondary dimension on your Mobile Device report to see what they’re looking for. You can then take advantage of these keywords by setting up a separate mobile campaign and including mobile-targeted ad copy.
Where do they go?
Customers on-the-go may be looking for different information on your website than customers who are at a desktop computer. Within Google Analytics, you can see exactly what mobile customers are doing differently on your website. Simply create an Advanced Segment for mobile devices and apply it to the Content reports. You can then optimize your AdWords campaigns by setting up mobile-specific campaigns with a different landing page URL. For example, if the top visited page for mobile users is the Store Locator page of your website, you may want to choose that URL as your landing page.
Get Started
We hope these tips are useful to help you Go Mobile! To get started with Google Analytics, visit www.google.com/analytics.

Posted by Emily Williams, Inside AdWords crew

Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 3:57 PM


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