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April 13, 2012

6 Ways to Integrate Print with Your Social Media Marketing

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Jack Strutzas

April 6, 2012
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6 Ways to Integrate Print with Your Social Media Marketing The Internet has undoubtedly changed the world of advertising forever, and a successful advertising campaign must embrace this medium in order to be successful. One may think that a purely online approach is the answer to the changing business trends, but it’s also important to remember that physical promotional items still reach areas that online advertising can’t. Here are some ways to integrate your print and social marketing efforts to produce the best results.

Targeting – One of the most useful ways to reach your target demographic is to pay attention to what your customers want. Keeping track of what they are searching for online and what they Like on Facebook is a great way to create print targeting that will reach the intended audience. While most of their searches are limited to Internet topics, it may also be possible to tailor your print campaign to meet their online interests.

Feedback – Effective advertising brings customers to your site or business, but ultimately the final approval comes from the customer. Online outlets are a great way to receive feedback from your customers in order to fine-tune your campaign. Setting up online feedback makes it convenient for customers to share their opinions. Print ads that mention this place for feedback will help direct your clientele and ensure that they are able to point out the pros and cons of your promotional items.

Creativity – Most companies realize that a balance of online content and physical information is necessary, but many aren’t sure how to achieve the balance. Oftentimes the answer comes down to budget and how much resources are being distributed to each area of advertising. In the end, achieving balance relies heavily on trial and error and the ability to be creative both on and offline. Experimenting with both of these mediums will give your company a better understanding of which areas are effective and which ones need work.

Cross-Promotion – Part of balancing your online and print campaigns relies on making sure that both parts are useful. Use your online resources to draw people to your print items and vice versa. For example, if you send out a brochure, be sure to include information about your site and how it can help enhance their experience. If you plan on running a promotion, make sure to utilize both elements of your ad campaign. Mixing up these methods will help to ensure that customers are paying attention to your print items as well as your online resources.

QR Codes – A relatively new term that is becoming viral in the world of business, QR codes are being implemented by a variety of existing advertising campaigns. QR (quick response) codes allow users to instantly download information to their smart phones and can be included on business cards, brochures, direct mail, or other print pieces.

Social Media – The far reaches of social media are powerful enough to organize revolutions, so why not use them to advertise? Incredibly effective when used properly, social media can be one of the most powerful ways to integrate your campaign. Your print campaign can include links to your various social media sites and provide customers with the latest news and information regarding your company.

PURLs – PURLs (personal URLs) provide a way to personalize messages for your clients. Break through the impersonal nature of the web by producing these for your clients and offering them information unique to them.

Advertising technology moves fast, and it is necessary to adapt to all of the latest trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. The success of your on and offline advertising campaign will rely on keeping up to date with the latest online features and finding ways to integrate them into your print campaign. Plan, research, and educate yourself on each of these topics and experiment with finding the right balance of print and online techniques to reach your customers more effectively.

About The Author
Jack Strutzas is a retired advertising professional and freelance consultant currently working with Company Folders, Inc. A seasoned veteran in direct marketing, he has managed print campaigns for numerous Fortune 500 companies and specializes in streamlining promotions using a wide variety of printed media and marketing collateral.

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