Yalçın Demirkol




Nationality:           Turkish

Place of birth:       Denizli

Date of birth:        06/04/1977

Marital Status:      Married




I would like to work for a company where I may utilize technical and functional background and add value.




2005      B.A. Business Administration, Eskisehir University, Eskisehir, TR

1997      Tourism and Hotel Management, Trakya University, Tekirdag, TR

1994      Uskudar Cumhuriyet High School, Uskudar, Istanbul, TR




Web Design Specialist

Siemens A.Ş., Istanbul, TR,                                                         Sep 2005 –


Duties/Responsibilities: After three years in SBS, I transferred to Siemens as a web designer. In my new position I have to work %30 of my work time for SBS web business and I have to spent my other time for Siemens intranet and internet business. I checked visual design of advertisements and control if they are appropriate for corporate brand rules.


In activities such as SBS meetings and fairs, I have design and supply digital visual objects such as poster, roll up banners and the other designed staff.



Web Design and Communication Specialist

Siemens Business Services A.Ş (SBS), Istanbul, TR,          Feb 2002 – Jul 2005


Duties/Responsibilities: In the first quarter of 2002, I began to work as a communication specialist in communication department with 2 other people. I worked on Intranet and internet web pages of SBS Turkey. I checked visual design of advertisements and control if they are appropriate for corporate brand rules. It was my responsibility to choose and supply promotional material.


In activities such as SBS meetings and fairs, I had designed and supplied visual objects such as flags, banners and the other staff that already decided to use in activities. I also managed events.



Service Desk Specialist

Siemens Business Services A.Ş (SBS), Istanbul, TR,          Mar 2001 – Jan 2002


Duties/Responsibilities: This job included all the responsibilities of test specialist position. In addition to that I had to record problems in the problem record system and direct them in workflow as already defined. Inform the people already defined in the service contract and track changes on the problem. After problem had solved, I had to inform people again. At the end of the period, all problems are reported to customers and high level managers.



Test Specialist

Siemens Business Services A.Ş (SBS), Istanbul, TR,          Nov 2000 – Feb 2001


Duties/Responsibilities: As a test specialist, my responsibility was to check and report all ISB systems in Turkey. If any problem was logged, then I had to warn related departments to solve the problem. Also I had to daily report upload, download and connection information of 5 different ISB in 7 different territories. 


Call Center Agent

Siemens Business Services A.Ş (SBS), Istanbul, TR,          Apr 2000 – Oct 2000


Duties/Responsibilities: I had begun to work in SBS as a call center agent. But I have worked in different departments in these 5 years.


As an agent, my responsibility was to give efficient and quick technical support to ISP users on the phone. After three months, I began to work as a test specialist.



Page Designer/ Web Specialist

Hosgor Publishing Ltd, Istanbul, TR,                                         Aug 1999 – May 2000


Duties/Responsibilities: I had worked in this company as a page designer and web specialist. This company has two magazines. One of them is ‘Ralli Dunyası’ (Rally World) and the other one is ‘Kadıköy Haber’ (Kadıköy News). First one is a national monthly rally magazine and the other one is a weekly local magazine about the county. In this company, my responsibility was to prepare visual design of articles and news, pictures and got ready them for printing.


Web Designer/Technical Support Specialist

Desnet Internet Technologies Ltd, Istanbul, TR                     1998 – Jul 1999


Duties/Responsibilities: After school I had decided to choose my carrier in internet technologies, so I started at Desnet . My responsibility was to troubleshoot computer problems and work on some web pages of the company and prepare visual graphics or pictures that used in web pages using Photoshop, Frontpage and similar tools.


Event and Marketing Specialist

5. Dimension Organization Company                                       Mar 1995 – Dec 1997


Duties/Responsibilities: This event organization company worked on firm meetings, presentation meetings, festival organization and tv casting. I have worked in different positions for 2 years.





English: Good




Advance MS Office programs

Advance Adobe Photoshop

Advance Corel Draw

Advance Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash MX and Home Site


Basic Computer Hardware, Operation Systems to MS and Network Components.





ASP, Netron Institute, 10.02.2003 – 14.02.2003

Attentive customer relationships, SINERJI, 01/05/2000 – 02/05/2000

Technical Training for Call Center, Siemens Business Services, 03/05/2000 – 06/05/2000

Windows NT: Siemens Business Services, 01/08/2000

RLA: Siemens Business Services, 08/12/2000

ISO 9000 Base Training: Siemens Business Services, 15/09/2000

ISO 9000:2000 Upgrade: Siemens Business Services, 08/10/2001

SQL: Netron Institute , 14/04/2003 – 18/04/2003





Available upon request.


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